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Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Fingering: there are two alternatives each for F and D#. Keyed F goes well with E, forked F goes well with D and flat keys.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Maintenance: Things that need adjusting and replacing: key pads to seal off holes, screws, cork tenons. Use a narrow pointed slip of cigarette paper to test the firm seal of the key pads. If not held- […]

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Embouchure: To direct airflow into a tiny but forceful stream, very little of the lips should show around the double reed.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Double reed: This is the key to getting the sound-waves vibrating evenly, so should be good quality. Learning to make your own can save on cost of buying every few months.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Tenons: These are the cork pads that firmly wedge the joints together. If worn or shrunk, a temporary fix is to apply a small amount of steam to swell the cork.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Breathing: Low amounts, but high pressure air. To get rid of all the stale air, either breathe out at the end of a phrase, then wait til the end of the next phrase to breathe in. Or, at the breathing […]

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Choosing a reed: A soft or medium-soft reed is best for beginners. All reeds are different, and can be pitched flat or sharp, bright or dull, resistant to vibration or flexible.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : After playing: Always dry out the bore, especially if the oboe is wooden, or it may lead to cracks, rust, and mould.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Soak reed in water before playing. When finished, blow gently from the staple (cork end) to blow out saliva.

Tip: Main > Entertainment > Music > Oboe : Buying: always try first. An expert's help should be sought by beginners.

Tip: Main > Hobbies > Fishing : Good hygiene after catching: First remove the head. Next, descale the fish (don't cut yourself). Last, slit open the belly to remove the guts. Give the fish a good wash before taking it home, and anot […]

Tip: Main > Living > Food & drink > Food and cooking : Add popcorn that doesn't pop to a pot of rice and boil it all together.

Tip: Main > Living > Food & drink > Food and cooking : Keep the fry-pan tilted slightly, so the oil from fried items resting on the higher side drains to be reused again. Healthier, too.

Tip: Main > Living > Food & drink > Food and cooking : Warning: Avoid aluminium cookware to cook certain kinds of vegetables. For example: beetroot, beetroot greens, spinach, silverbeet, chard, rhubarb, parsley etc. The reason is that some greens are […]

Tip: Main > Living > Food & drink > Food and cooking : Boiled eggs: A pinch of salt to the boiling water prevents eggs from bursting out of cracks. When cooked, wait for the egg to cool and shrink, before shelling.

Tip: Main > Philosophy > Truth : Concentrate on what is real and forever remain separate from this transient world.

Tip: Main > Philosophy > Truth : The desire for Truth and the love of reason is indeed an emotional passion, but no ordinary passion, for it ends in the destruction of passion. However, if you use reason only sparingly and without co […]

Tip: Main > Technology > Computers > Internet : Broadband and moving house tip: it's important first to check with the main telecommunications service provider to see if phone-lines in the precise area of your new abode do usually get broadband. Fo […]

Tip: Main > Hobbies > Fishing > Fly-fishing > Equipment : Warning: don't use drying silica-gel when storing a rod, as silica can rapidly corrode metals if it comes into contact with them. E.g. An expensive rod might be unusable if the threaded locknut (holdi […]

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Air fresheners : For rooms: mix a quarter of a teaspoon or 15 drops of eucalyptus oil with a half teaspoon of vodka, place in an atomizer/spray bottle and add 2 cups of water. This should be quite subtle, so you may n […]

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Air fresheners : First eliminate source of stale air, by opening windows. Air fresheners work like deodorants, overloading the air with a heavier scent, but not dealing with the unpleasant smell.

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning : Stainless steel: Use eucalyptus oil as a stainless steel cleaner.

Tip: Main > Gardening > Pests : Half a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil mixed with half a litre of water makes for a good bug repellent for plants. But experiment first: you might repel helpful predators as well, and be worse off.

Tip: Main > Automotive > Selling : If you have a hanging car air freshener that's almost dead, reinvigorate it by adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil.

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Clothes : Paint, grease, ink: Use eucalyptus oil undiluted to help remove them.

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Clothes : Add 1-2 teaspoonfuls of eucalyptus oil to your load of washing for a fresh scent along with the anti-microbial benefits.

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Glass : Sticky residues: Eucalyptus oil can be used undiluted in order to remove sticker/decal residue from glass.

Tip: Main > Household > Cleaning > Toilets :

Tip: Main > Living > Negotiations : How to end an emotional relationship: General:
  • "it is more blessed to give than to receive, but it is also more blessed to do without than to have."
  • Make your mind up alone. It is your […]

    Tip: Main > Learning > Educational websites : Local astronomy:

    Tip: Main > Living > Environment : Cooling your home. General tips: - Open the windows in opposite walls to create a breeze-way. One opening should be much larger than the other to create suction. - Reduce heat from the sun by having […]

    Tip: Main > Sport > Squash : The swing: Get in the habit of holding the racquet up. Use gravity and the weight of the racquet to drive the ball. A good powerful swing should feel almost effortless.

    Tip: Main > Gardening : Plant health is similar to human health. Slow-release chemicals, stable levels of moisture and warmth, no focus on cosmetics or dress-ups, and moderate exposure to water, bacteria, and fresh air and w […]

    Tip: Main > Living > Relationships : Someone ranting: They just need to get it off their chest. If you interrupt, they will go on longer. Be patient, and they will eventually mention their real interests.

    Tip: Main > Living > Relationships : Someone crying: There is usually not much to do. Quietly wait for them to master themselves. You can offer some tissues. It's often possible to distract them with something interesting, at which point […]

    Tip: Main > Household > Recycling & wastes : Computer equipment: As it may contain toxic chemicals, try to avoid putting it in landfill.
  • If it is still working, it can be sold on ebay, or another online auction, or sold via your local paper […]

    Tip: Main > Living > Annoyances : Contemporary feminism: Encouraging women to unleash their sexuality is stupid. Flooding the mass media with images of women's sexuality only encourages women to see their sexuality as the fullest expr […]

    Tip: Main > Technology > Computers > Software > Good free software : RSIBreak: Configuration includes variable break periods, variable periods of activity, and counting idle moments. One-click-install packages for various Linux distributions. Works with KDE desktop.

    Main > Quotations > Christianity : We believe that it is the Holy Spirit that has helped Christianity to spread, so that now we are all Christians --- God in heaven! The true situation is that it happened because the Spirit has departe […]

    Tip: Main > Philosophy : Philosophy is not something you do amongst a group of like-minded others; you do it alone and alone before others, and without their permission.

    Tip: Main > Living > Annoyances > Liars, conmen : There is nothing more shocking for a man than when he, catching a woman in a lie, asks her: "Why do you lie?" and then must observe how she does not even understand this question and, without compreh […]

    Tip: Main > Living > Annoyances > Liars, conmen : It is certain of the "pathological liar" that he nearly "has no memory" at all. (Weininger)

    Tip: Main > Living > Annoyances > Jehovah's witnesses : You cannot reason with a Jehovah's witness. They are very simple-minded people with simple values: be calm, believe in God, be happy, everyone can believe what they like, thinking gets you nowhere, tr […]

    Tip: Main > Property > Buying : Owner-building is much cheaper than buying an established house, if you have the skills. Even better if you're an electrician or plumber (but not an accredited builder).

    Tip: Main > Property > Buying : Land: the most important are aspect, soil structure, and drainage. Also check the council office for any building restrictions.

    Tip: Main > Property > Buying : Owner-building: save money, cut pollution, and create an intelligent machine: it makes power, treats sewerage, collects and reuses water, and gives you food. Then you only need to pay for telecommunic […]

    Tip: Main > Property > Buying : Property prices rarely reflect functionality but what other properties in the area are selling for. Do you really want to pay for, e.g. ostentatious design, fitting-in, etc.?

    Tip: Main > Property > Buying > Auctions : Properties sold by mortgagees foreclosing or by councils recovering unpaid rates can be much, much lower than the market price. This is good for the buyer, but bad for the one trying to repay the debt […]

    Tip: Main > Property > Finance : Some general tips: - A fixed-rate loan is a more reliable indicator of the total amount paid in interest. - Opt for a loan that doesn't penalise early repayment, just in case a relative dies and gi […]

    Tip: Main > Property > Finance : Sometimes unions and superannuation funds offer discounts on home loans offered by banks they associate with.