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Think local!: Try, when you can, to buy food that's been produced, grown, or raised as close to your home as possible. Much of our food is now grown and processed in fewer and fewer locations, meaning it has to travel further to reach the average consumer's refrigerator. Food kilometres are a measure of the distance food is transported between production - for example, the farm - and consumption - you.   myxlfidian (150)

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Main > Living > Environment
Bag it up!: Environmental groups estimate that over 500 billion plastic bags are used each year, approximately 6.9 billion plastic bags used by Australian consumers alone, exacting a huge toll on the environment. They consume energy to manufacture, create litter, are devastating to marine life and contribute to landfill waste. So next time you ask for a plastic bag, ask yourself: "do I really need this bag?" Each environmentally friendly canvas tote bag eliminates hundreds of plastic bags - and they look a lot cooler, too!   myxlfidian (150)

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Main > Living > Environment
Cooling your home. General tips:
- Open the windows in opposite walls to create a breeze-way. One opening should be much larger than the other to create suction.
- Reduce heat from the sun by having eaves or awnings over windows.
- Hang light-coloured curtains over windows.
- Use evaporative cooling in dry climates by spraying sheer curtains with recycled water. Trees do a much better job of evaporative cooling, so plant trees around your house.   kellyjones00 (593)

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