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Practise, practise, practise: Keep your eyes on your main purpose. Don't be tempted by how others conduct their lives. You are alone, alone like an island surrounded by empty seas. Commit to your task and forget 'the others'!   Kelly Jones (322)

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A coach might say, 'stop thinking'. He or she really means, 'relax the body and be mentally supple'. Many people tense-up if they start thinking!   Kelly Jones (322)

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Preparations: It takes time to get strong in physique, mind, and techniques. So, to keep up your interest, you can focus on improving your skills in a wide variety of areas. E.g. fitness, endurance, speed, end-game techniques, patience, different locations and routes, weather, noise, and the like.   Kelly Jones (322)

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Training: If one teaches before finishing one's training, the best students will be demoralised by the mediocre standard. It is better here to ruin one's reputation, and neglect any coaching one has undertaken. People will understand!   Kelly Jones (322)

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