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Washing-up liquid can be used as an insecticide when you mix it with water. Take 1 to 3 tablespoons of washing-up liquid, mix into 1 gallon of water, put it in a spray bottle and spray the entire plant.   [guest]

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Stop cats climbing into your garden by spraying your wooden fences with surgical spirit.   [guest]

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Deter dogs with unwanted perfume and aftershave and liberal sprinklings of pepper.   [guest]

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Australian Brush Turkeys: Some places are plagued with these large ground-dwelling native birds, which destroy your garden to make a nest. One way to solve the problem is to buy a rectangular pot for growing small vegetables and place it fairly high up on a very small ledge. Preferably, the ledge should have no additional room on it for the birds to establish a foothold while they investigate (i.e. destroy) your crop. On top of an outdoor electricity box with access to sunlight is perfect. Although the birds can fly, they need a decent ledge to land on - deprive them of that and they are risking their own health to attack a small piece of dirt.

Some people try rubber snakes, stakes, chicken wire under the topsoil, netting, large mirrors (they are frightened by other birds), small greenhouses or planting in what appears to be an already debris-scattered area. Each of these techniques will fail because either the birds can still access the area and will eventually damage it or the costs are prohibitive. The only way is if the birds can't even get to the soil.   myxlfidian (150)

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Half a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil mixed with half a litre of water makes for a good bug repellent for plants. But experiment first: you might repel helpful predators as well, and be worse off.   kellyjones00 (593)

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